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Feb. 4th, 2013 04:30 pm
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Contact and information post.

If you want to get a hold of Eric and his mun, please leave a comment here!

Eric Teague is in his late teens, scrawny and underfed. His eyes have silver flecks in them and depending on what time he's from -before or after the Canada incident - he'll have silver streaks in his hair. He's a recovering mage-thief and apprenticed ritual mage.

A mage-thief is the name for those who have learned a special ritual to steal a person's magic. This generally incapacitates their victims for a while and gives the thief a high. Eventually a mage-thief will get to the point that all they feel like they don't need to eat or sleep because of the stolen magic. They can't do anything with it, it just feels great. Eric was at the doesn't need to eat or sleep stage when he was rescued. The way to tell a mage-thief is from the silver flecks that appear in their eyes and if they take on too much magic too quickly their hair will streak or eventually go completely silver.

One unexpected side effect of mage-thievery is that any of their natural talents become inaccessible as long as they're stealing magic. So someone who can manipulate fire will be unable to do so until after they've gotten themselves cleaned. Sometimes it gets so bad that a person won't even be able to remember what it was they were able to do. Eric is one of those people.

His original talent involved entropy magic, though it's been so subsumed that he's unable to access it and won't be able to access it for a good many years until he's completely clean. This is probably a good thing.

Eric's bloodline is also exceptionally rare and complex. He has within him: kitsune, fey, dragon blood among others for non-human relatives and his grandparents and great-grandparents members come from as far away as Japan and Spain to native Americans on both continents. Perhaps the one thing he doesn't have is any divine blood with in him. This blender family is what allows him to be one of the few true born entropy mages. And one of the reasons why a great deal of people don't want him to be able to use his powers.

Any other questions? Please leave them in the comments.


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